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Consultation Update 

Throughout Summer 2023 Citrus Group consulted the public on proposals to redevelop Prince Bishops Place and enliven the centre as it looks to position itself for the future.

Our plans are based on a core objective of creating a sustainable, viable future for the shopping centre, creating a destination people want to visit, with a mix of uses that complement and sustain each other and allow the overall development to evolve and meet the challenges of a very different retail environment to that when it first opened in 1998.

Since consulting the public, Citrus have worked hard to analyse all of the comments and responses received throughout the consulation, with a view to honing and improving the scheme design before submitting a full planning application.

Development Timeline

Planning Application Submitted 

March 2024

Development Begins

Late 2025 (approx)

Development Opens


The main focus of the design development over recent months has been changes to the configuration of the scheme, and the River Wear elevation in particular.


We've taken the decision to relocate the proposed hotel to a more viable location in the upper storeys of the Boots building on Market Place. In its place, student accommodation is now proposed above the multi-storey car park facing the river.


This has enabled us to adopt a more sympathetic architectural approach to the design of the river frontage, with pitched roofs and dormer windows better fitting the appearance of Durham City Centre as opposed to the flat roofed, more municipal-style architecture we consulted upon.


All of the other key attributes of the scheme we presented in Summer 2023 remain unchanged.


The new public square will sit at the heart of the development, with spectacular views over the river, and reconfigured commercial units at mall level meeting the requirements of both local and independent retailers.

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